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Welcome to Investhood Online School, an online platform which provides 

Educators and Students access to quality Educational tools

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Primary School
High School
Skills development
Grade R-12 courses

Offering Quality Curriculum based Subjects from Early Childhood Development to Grade 12. Experienced and vibrant Educators are available to offer support to Students on a 24/7 basis. Parents and guardians are also granted access to Learner's development wheel tool, homework and assessment results.

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Further Education Training

Investhood IT Learning has a wide range of quality courses to choose from and offers Students the opportunity to study from anywhere at anytime. Leaning is made flexible, inclusive and supportive to all  Students in South Africa and abroad.

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SETA Skills Development Courses

In partnership with various SETA accredited Colleges, Investhood iT offers Students Skills Development courses online which they can study from anywhere at their own pace. Students also have a wide range of video and live content to assist with practical knowledge

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Non-Academic Training

Whether you are aiming to learn some new DIY or marketable skills or just want Online Learning content, our platform is the best tool for accessing multiple courses and topics to study. Learning content and tools are integrated to assist Students learn more effectively

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our history

Investhood Trading Enterprise is an Educational and IT Reseller to Schools and Private Companies around Johannesburg. The objective of the Company is to become the largest Training Provider in the world with Students from different parts of the world 

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Quality learning material has been created in partnership with private Educational Institutions. Our Team of Software Developers have created a state of the art platform which offers Students innovative learning methods to speed up their development

Why choose Investhood Online Schools

IOS provides Online Learning with over 20 different value adding features to help Students learn better and faster. Our Learning Platform is offering Students quality learning content and best assessment methods to ensure that learning ability and progress is tracked and improved accordingly. 

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schools & training providers

Educational Institutions will be able to keep in touch with their Students/Learners from anywhere in the country at anytime. The Investhood IT Learning Platform provides Institutions the ability to interact with their Students and Educators collaborate amongst themselves for effective and integrated learning.

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educators and training consultants

Professional and quality Educators will be employed to create the best learning content for Students. Using the latest and most innovative learning methods, Educators will be able to capture the lessons from anywhere and able to provide live lessons to enrolled Students. 

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learners & students
Students will have access to a wide range of courses and learning features to assist them in acquiring relevant certification or accreditation. The App will be accessible via the Web and Mobile App making it easier for our Students to stay connected.
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  • Access to free courses
  • 50MB Storage
  • Free downloadable
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  • Free quizzes & educational games
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  • Access to all free courses
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Helpdesk support

Monthly 1-on-1 with Educator

Monthly Report



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  • Access to all free courses
  • Access to 10 premium courses
  • 350MB Storage
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24/7 Helpdesk support

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  • Access to all free courses
  • Access to 15 premium courses
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24/7 Helpdesk support

Monthly 1-on-1 with Educator

Weekly & Monthly Report

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Investhood Online Schools will use a wide range of services and devices to deliver the best quality Education there is to offer to Students in South Africa. Students and Learners will be able to experience fun and interactive learning at their own pace from anywhere in the world. 

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"My Child was behind on all her subjects and was diagnosed to have a learning disability but has since shown significant improvement in her reading since joining Investhood Online Schools demo version. The School has a Mobile App which helps me monitor my child's progress and development. I am also learning a lot as there are some activities which I assist my child with and also do regular updates on the App."

Ms. I Mathanthi (Parent @ Charisma School of Excellence)

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New Every day

Get in touch with us today and one of our qualified Training Consultants will assist you in selecting the best course according to your career and skills development path and goals set. 

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Dashboard views and reporting on Courses

Students will have access to their personal Skills Course Dashboard which reflects Course and Assessment data.

Coding and Robotics for Juniors

Investhood IT in partnership with accredited IT Skills Training Providers will offer Learners from Junior until Matric Coding, Robotics and other IT related courses through our Learning App.

Young student watching lesson online and studying from home. Girl using laptop for online lessons. Homeschooling and distance learning concept.
Lifelong Learning & Development Plan

Each Learner will be introduced to a long term Learning and Skills Development Plan which will guide the Learner/Student's Career or study choices.